Medical Schools In Texas: Stats & Info

If you’re considering one of the medical schools in Texas then there’s a lot to be excited about. From well-respected schools to fantastic facilities, Texas medical schools have a lot to offer.

In this guide, we’ll go over each school so you have a better understanding of what they have to offer. You’ll also be able to compare them against each other in terms of tuition and recommended GPA and MCAT scores.

Baylor College of Medicine

  • Location: Houston, TX
  • GPA: 3.93
  • MCAT: 518
  • Tuition: $19,723 In-state, $32,823 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Private

This Houston based medical school in Texas is conveniently located right in the middle of Texas Medical Center considered the world’s largest medical center. Baylor College of Medicine is listed among the top diversified and inclusive educational institutions and consistently holds one of the lowest tuition levels for private medical schools here in the U.S.

Baylor is also regarded in the top tier of all medical school institutions in the country. This is one of the very few medical programs that offer an accelerated pre-clinical curriculum over just 1.5 years.

This higher learning school also offers a coveted Medical Scientist Training Program that allows high-achieving students to pursue both MD and PhD combined degree programs that are federally funded, highly competitive and can be completed in just 7 to 9 years.

Baylor College of Medicine offers cutting-edge medical programs including advanced and innovative genetic studies. It’s affiliated with many of this area’s top and prominent hospitals like The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Hospital and Michael E. Debachy Veterans Affairs Medical Centers among others.

This premier school has an astonishing 800,000 square feet for laboratory research and ranks among the top 20 in 8 specialties.

McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

  • Location: Houston, TX
  • GPA: 3.86
  • MCAT: 513
  • Tuition: $20,092 In-state, $29,708 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

Already established as this country’s 7th largest medical school, McGovern Medical School offers a plethora of innovative and high tech technologies on a diverse and conducive to learning beautiful campus. This medical school continues to be a forerunner of delivering highly trained and qualified Texas medical school graduates each year since its beginning back in 1970.

Medical students get a broad-based educational curriculum, have access to prestigious area inpatient and outpatient medical centers in addition to other healthcare and research facilities during their schooling here.

The doctors in training are provided with training scenarios that include common disorders and rarer health conditions to give each student a fully balanced program of learning that prepares students for the future realities of life as a physician. All physicians deal with new challenges each day in these evolving and changing times with regard to medicine and related subjects.

TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine

  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • GPA: N/A
  • MCAT: N/A
  • Tuition: N/A
  • Public/Private: Private

The mission of TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine revolves around 7 key C constellations of medical care training characteristics. These include:

  • Character
  • Content
  • Context
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Communication

This Texas medical school is considered a leading player in medical education today that includes scholarships and a core value-based delivery of care teaching approach. By focusing on these 7 key areas of learning, our medical students get a well-rounded education that fully prepares them to succeed in a diverse range of post-medical training care and/or research environments.

Unlike most traditional medical school environments, TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine is designed to center on each unique learner. This truly innovative learning environment seeks to aid students in learning new concepts in the teaching manner in which they learn best and retain that knowledge over time.

This medical school focuses on patient-centered training and offers a dynamic clinical experience found nowhere else. Our curriculum is based on inspiring more empathetic scholars who can then transform the world’s healthcare into something truly marvelous.

The school also offers effective communication training, advanced simulation learning experiences, the best in technologies and ongoing physician development coaches to help ensure a successful transformation into community medical practices following graduation.

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

  • Location: Bryan, TX
  • GPA: 3.85
  • MCAT: 512
  • Tuition: $19,308 In-state, $32,408 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

This topnotch medical school offers a number of degree options including M.D., M.D./Ph.D., M.D./M.P.H, M.D./M.B.A. and more. This school remains committed to training doctors with the core values that this institute is known for, to serve the under-served groups of patients located in the state of Texas and beyond.

The three key areas of medical training that this learning institute focuses on include rural healthcare, military medicine, and engineering medicine.

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine offers students a variety of valuable research opportunities and degree program selections. Students also have the opportunity to access this college’s many top regional healthcare institutions, research centers, and lab facilities. This allows students to put their training into prospective by implementing it into other modes of healthcare throughout the field of medicine.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

  • Location: El Paso, TX
  • GPA: 3.85
  • MCAT: 510
  • Tuition: $18,838 In-state, $31,938 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

This dedicated medical school is located in beautiful El Paso, TX, and the campus is situated within the greater Texas Tech University Health Services Center El Paso. The school ranks number 9 among Texas-based medical schools currently.

Medical students of this respected medical school have access to training with regards to leading and groundbreaking medical technologies expected to be necessary in the coming decades in healthcare. This includes a premier Clinical Simulation Center that gives medical students hands-on skills on some of these developing medical-related advanced technologies.

The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine utilizes a unique method of training designed to group knowledge areas together in a more cohesive learning curriculum found nowhere else. Leading medical school professors partnered with integrated learning methods to create a 120 clinical scenario teaching module that is highly effective.

This longstanding medical school is affiliated with many area philanthropists, leading successful physicians and surgeons and has been listed high on many awards and training rankings published in various pre-medicine geared magazines and other publications.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

  • Location: Lubbock, TX
  • GPA: 3.83
  • MCAT: 512
  • Tuition: $18,808 In-state, $31,908 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

One unique aspect that this prestigious medical school offers students is that they are one of the few universities in this nation that houses a variety of interdisciplinary schools under one common roof.

Texas Tech University Health Services Center School of Medicine includes a nationally recognized Medical School, a School of Nursing and a School of Health Professions.

This gives students a valuable interdisciplinary learning experience that better resembles how these various healthcare entities function in the real world.

The fine school of medicine also offers an accelerated program to obtain a medical degree alongside the traditional 4-year medical curriculum. Also available are several joint degree programs offered through the well-regarded Texas Tech University.

Students enjoy an upbeat and conducive to learning educational setting with plenty of lab space and state-of-the-art equipment.

Additionally, students have opportunities to use the school’s practical and advanced SimLife Center among other innovative clinical skills and learning options. The school is linked to this area’s community hospital named the University Medical Center.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine

  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • GPA: 3.84
  • MCAT: 514
  • Tuition: $18,621 In-state, $33,749 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

Since 1959, this inclusive and diverse school of medicine continues being devoted to educating the next well-trained and compassionate group of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The school began and continues to remain committed to serving the people of Texas by training physicians who will one day care for their health. Along with standard degree program courses, the school also offers biomedical and healthcare research training and hands-on research opportunities.

The Doctor of Medicine program here is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or L.C.M.E. It is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for accreditation that eventually leads to getting an M.D. degree here in the United States.

The curriculum is designed to incorporate ways for new doctors to address the sad but true health disparities seen in our communities. This includes understanding the cultural, racial and socioeconomic background differences among these patient population groups in order to find better ways to meet their ongoing healthcare needs through the upcoming decades.

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • GPA: 3.84
  • MCAT: 516
  • Tuition: $20,268 In-state, $34,030 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

This well respected medical school located in Austin, TX, boasts many accomplishments. The community-based research program is committed to training future medical physicians utilizing effective methods to address and meet their patient’s changing healthcare needs from birth to end of life and everything in-between.

The excellent professors and guest speakers here at this prestigious school of medicine learn in an environment that challenges each student to think outside the usual expected box. This helps train medical doctors to prepare for new healthcare ideas, treatments, and options that may arise sometime in the future.

Each valued and important medical student practices ways to rethink medicine each and every school day and on each clinical rotation. It is known for its top graduate medical school associated with the University of Texas at Austin, TX.

A relatively new medical school in Texas, this program delivers cutting-edge curriculum material, leading instructors and access to every healthcare learning opportunity that this friendly and vibrant region has to offer new medical students. This medical school is certainly one to seriously consider if wanting groundbreaking medical training opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine

  • Location: Galveston, TX
  • GPA: 3.93
  • MCAT: 512
  • Tuition: $21,606 In-state, $36,516 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

This learning opportunity offers medical students a wide range of learning benefits and actual hands-on clinical rotations designed to develop their skills. The dynamic educators here at this gorgeous Galveston, TX, university is refreshing and well taken in by incoming students that desire to become physicians.

This excellent medical school option has been around since the late 1890s and continues to grow stronger every year. The school has been proudly turning out highly skilled and knowledgeable physicians for over one hundred years and counting.

Some of the fantastic advantages of choosing this specific Texas medical school program include convenient satellite campuses, interesting and engaging problem-solving-based learning opportunities and a number of international educational experiences that give students real-time exposure to how their studies translate across different cultures around the world.

This incredible learning institution also allows interested students to experience further non-specialty learning opportunities for increased educational benefits that add to each student’s entire educational and scholarly pursuits.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

  • Location: Edinburg, TX
  • GPA: 3.58
  • MCAT: 508
  • Tuition: $18,298 In-state, $31,398 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

Another phenomenal choice in medical schools in Texas is this fairly new but incredibly forward-thinking school located in Edinburg, Texas.

As a newer school of medicine, the school is currently accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In addition, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) has granted the curriculum a preliminary accreditation and is on-track and moving towards its full accredited status goal.

This medical school operates on a competency-based learning curriculum that takes advantage of state-of-the-art equipment, includes impressive learning platforms of the highest grade, provides ample space for research work and boasts advanced technologies that can be utilized throughout the student’s learning process.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • GPA: 3.89
  • MCAT: 517
  • Tuition: $21,034 In-state, $34,134 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

A number of leading medical school ranking publications have reported UT Southwestern Medical School to be among the best here in the United States. Furthermore, this advanced and novel medical school has been lauded for its continuing medical research opportunities.

Always considered a fully diverse and inclusive educational setting, few schools of this magnitude can even come close to matching this educational program’s innovation and overall breadth and depth of a well-rounded and student-centered learning experience.

Another huge plus that keeps this Texas medical school apart from the pack is the school’s exceptionally affordable tuition costs. Since tuition should be considered an investment of each student’s future earning potential and community and/or peer reputation status, it becomes clear that this educational program offers much.

This school’s faculty members are deeply experienced, dedicated to training the next generation of future doctors and eager to share their personal experiences through exciting classes and relevant learning opportunities. This school also runs a topnotch mentor program that pairs students with well-respected medical and research community leaders on top of an already supportive college campus.

UT Southwestern Medical School gives students exclusive clinical and ongoing training opportunities at its five affiliated hospitals throughout this amazing community. This school is also considered an elite research facility that is proud to employ some of the brightest and ever-enthusiastic minds engaged in medical research today inside our beloved country.

Osteopathic Medical Schools

University of Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • GPA: N/A
  • MCAT: N/A
  • Tuition: $55,000
  • Public/Private: Private

Many individuals interested in becoming a doctor like the medical approach that osteopathic medicine takes. This type of medicine differs from some of the traditional forms of medicine seen in communities across the world.

The practice of osteopathic medicine seeks to treat the entire person as a whole and not just as a group of symptoms or ailments that might effectively treat an obvious medical problem but missing those unseen health components that could be the root cause of an illness or adverse health condition.

UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine is one of the newest medical schools here in Texas, and it is situated in San Antonio. Students love the fresh outlook of their instructors that teach patient-centered and holistic medical care among this college campus’s vibrant community of like-minded people.

Many prospective medical students are swayed by the connections that this college campus has with one of the state’s most well-known and oldest Catholic universities here in Texas.

This medical school, with its rich historical roots combined with refreshingly innovative learning opportunities, currently offers two-degree learning paths. Students can pick a one-year degree program offering a Master of Biomedical Sciences, or MBS, or a four-year DO of Osteopathic Medicine degree pathway.

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine – University of North Texas

  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • GPA: 3.63
  • MCAT: 506
  • Tuition: $13,078 In-state, $28,766 Out-of-state
  • Public/Private: Public

TCOM offers a comprehensive and highly sought ought medical training program that specializes in rural medicine with a focus on primary care in general. The school quickly gets students involved with community family care clinics that serve the underprivileged of this beautiful Texas geographical region.

Medical students can see firsthand how doctors and healthcare facilities located in a more rural area deal with the unique challenges that come up.

Although the focus of this medical school’s training and clinical learning opportunities do target family medicine and rural medical care, students also have outstanding learning experiences that help prepare them should they wish to pursue certain specialty medical careers like becoming a cardiovascular surgeon or getting involved with aerospace medicine as just some specialty examples.

SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Location:
  • GPA:
  • MCAT:
  • Tuition:
  • Public/Private:

The Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine offers medical students a D.O. degree upon completion of their studies and clinical rotation requirements.

Newly launched in 2019, this public medical school in Texas is located in a 5-story large building with state-of-the-art educational facilities. This program also utilizes advanced medical technologies that fully prepare each future doctor for his/her future career goals.

Originally intended to train future generations of teachers in Texas, SHSU is again evolving to meet this state’s growing need for more doctors trained in the latest medical techniques, diagnostic equipment and other technologies used each day in healthcare environments.

SHSU, with its addition of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, could be your key that can unlock your potential future career success as a trained doctor.

Time To Weigh Your Options

Now that you have a better understanding of the medical schools in Texas and which ones look the most appealing, it’s time to do some thinking. Are there some that look more realistic than others? Do you think you could get accepted to your favorite with a higher MCAT score?

If you want some help navigating the process and want to increase the chances of you getting accepted, get in touch with us. We’ve helped a wide variety of students get accepted to Texas medical schools in the past and can do the same for you.

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