Our Process

Unlock the 5 stages to MCAT mastery with our proven system.



We will quickly learn your background, strengths, and weaknesses. You will get your MCAT questions answered + find out if you even need tutoring – all within 24 hours!


No-RISK Intro Process

Our No-Risk process lays out what most students do wrong, shows what high-scoring students do right, and helps make the most of our first 2-hr session. Within 3 days you’ll start practicing the keys to the MCAT


Custom Study Plan

Combing steps 1 and 2 to make a plan tailored to you and your goals. Depending on your progress, we’ll build the plan in the 1st or 2nd session.


Content and Skills Development

Continue developing content mastery and MCAT skills. A majority of this comes through reviewing individual passage sets and content videos. 1-4 months



Apply the skills from individual passages to Full-Length Practice Tests until you claim your dream score. 1-4 months.


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  1. The most important part of MCAT success is having a good read on studen’ts strengths and weakness. All students are unique in their backgrounds, we collect a thorough background to figure out the best plan for attack for the student
  2. After our fournder and head tutor feels like he has a good idea of this, you two will hop on a call. He will tell you what he is noticing and answer questions about where you may be stuck and where you are already excelling. If you are in the middle of studying or a retaking student he may look over past tests you have taken via zoom screen share. From there he will make recommendations about your plan of attack and, if you like, how we can help!

  1. If during the readiness assessment, Sid thinks he could show you how to improve your studying, you will set up a two hour tutoring session. Prior to the session he will have you do some readings and videos to help make the most of the session.
  2. During the session he will have you take a practice passage, deep dive into the weakness your discovered on the call, and show you how start improving them.
  3. From there, if you contine with us, we will set up your study plan and tutoring options and you will be in position to crush the MCAT!

  1. It Depends! It depends on your background: where you are starting, your strengths, your weakness.
  2. This is what makes us unique, we come up with a plan tailored to you.
  3. Regardless, our goal is to lay out a plan that tells you what to do every day, what resources to use, and how to best study depending on your background.
  4. Think of it is as we manage these overwhelming details and it’s your job to put into practice what we show you to get a score that you thought you could only dream of

  1. Literally everything.
  2. Our founder and our tutors believe that every student can improve, it is just a matter of finding the things that are holding them back.
  3. Whether it is …
  4. We obsessively study cutting-edge research of learning and performance. A large part of the way we found students for the first decade was because our students and tutors performed so well, professors would ask them about their methods and pass them on to their students or their own kids!

  1. It’s custom: The benefit of 1-1 tutoring is that it is fully customized to you. Each student has unique strengths and competencies, so the length of coaching will differ as well. We will make a plan to suit your timeline, budget, and goal score.
  2. Ideal time frame: The MCAT averages 3-6 months of study time. We will set you up so you have the most efficient study process for you that we can, according to your learning style.