10 Best MCAT Prep Apps To Use In 2024 (New Guide)

A female student using one of the best MCAT apps

The best MCAT apps can be fantastic tools to help you study and perform better on test day. But there are so many out there that it’s hard to tell which ones are good, and which ones aren’t.

Here’s a list of the very best MCAT prep apps that you should try.

1. Kaplan MCAT Prep App

Kaplan is one of the most recognizable names in the MCAT prep world, and with good reason. The course is comprehensive and features a wealth of content that students can utilize. One of the most helpful tools to take advantage of as you study is the Kaplan MCAT flashcards app.

At face value, the MCAT app is pretty simple. It’s a collection of digital flashcards that cover all the core topics you need to know. Kaplan separates the cards into categories like Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Biology, and more.

You’re free to study individual sections or practice the entire collection in random order. The MCAT app offers plenty of flexibility as well. There’s the option to create custom decks.

As you study for the MCAT, the Kaplan app measures your progress and categorizes cards based on whether or not you know them. View your stats, identify weak points, and focus on the areas that need the most work!

Kaplan offers a free version of the app, which includes a mere 50 digital flashcards. However, students who sign up for one of the Kaplan MCAT prep courses can log onto their account and gain full access to 1,000 cards. Even non-members can pay to access the entire collection for a one-time fee of $34.99.

2. Magoosh MCAT App

Magoosh is a popular budget-friendly MCAT prep option that many students turn to when looking to save a few bucks. Compared to some of the more well-known prep courses out there, Magoosh is downright affordable!

When you sign up for the prep course, you get full access to the Magoosh MCAT app. It’s a feature-rich application that’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

It has a simple digital flashcard feature, which is great for memorization and repetitive study of core concepts. The cards are straightforward and written by experts in medicine. Beyond that, the Magoosh app acts as a companion to the prep course.

You can view a broad collection of video courses split up into various topics for easy navigation. This is one of the best MCAT apps because it tracks your progress and provides visual indicators to show which videos you’ve already seen. There are also many articles to read, easy access to tutors, and more.

The free trial version of the app includes about 40 free video lessons. However, you can access all of the content and more than 250 lessons with a Magoosh MCAT prep course subscription.

3. Khan Academy

Video-based content is the name of the game with Khan Academy. This non-profit content provider is an official partner of the AAMC, the organization that creates and manages the MCAT. As a result, the study material is top-notch.

The Khan Academy MCAT mobile app is well-designed and super easy to navigate. A slick interface makes finding the topics you want to go over a breeze. Plus, you have easy access to over a thousand videos!

The videos are more than just stagnant explanations. They feature a signature blackboard theme complete with full narration and a slew of illustrations. Khan Academy does an excellent job of taking the tedium out of MCAT prep by delivering engaging and memorable content.

The best part? Khan Academy is completely free! There’s no charge to access the mobile app or paywalls that block content.

4. UWorld MCAT Study App

UWorld is a relative newcomer that’s managed to garner a lot of attention. The UWorld MCAT prep material isn’t like a traditional course. Instead, the provider focuses on offering a comprehensive question bank that mimics the authentic MCAT format.

With the UWorld MCAT study app, you gain access to the entire Qbank from anywhere. It includes over 2,000 practice questions. More than just simple digital flashcards, the app offers detailed explanations for simple content review.

Vivid graphics and well-written descriptions can help you get a good grasp of the content as you study.

When you’re ready to test your knowledge, UWorld has several features to replicate the test-taking experience. Implement timers and track your performance. The MCAT app recreates the time crunch and helps you get a feel for the types of questions you’ll encounter.

The performance metrics let you identify knowledge gaps and spot areas that need further review. Meanwhile, the freedom to create custom flashcard sets and exams provides the versatility you need to study at your own pace.

The UWorld mobile app requires a paid subscription to access the entire collection of Qbank questions.

5. MCAT Mastery by Higher Learning Technologies Inc.

The MCAT Mastery app is a unique offering that contains tons of valuable resources. You can use it alongside the full digital prep course from Higher Learning Technologies inc. Alternatively, the app functions well as a standalone tool to complement other preparation efforts.

However you decide to use it, MCAT Mastery has a lot to offer.

The most beneficial feature is the practice questions. There are more than 1,900 problems in the Qbank. That includes almost 300 passage-based questions and over 230 CARS passages!

Each item in the Qbank comes with detailed rationales and images for a more accessible content review experience. You also have access to an MCAT glossary, subject-specific banks, and more.

Results tracking helps you stay on top of your progress and customize your study routine based on your needs. MCAT Mastery comes with two pricing options. You can pay $19.99 per month or pay a fee of $79.99 for 12 months of access.

6. Medical Test Prep MCAT by Lumos Maxima

From Lumos Maxima is this affordable MCAT prep app. It costs just $24.99 for 12 months of access. Despite the low cost, you get a lot for the money!

Detailed video lessons and textbook passages are available to supplement your preparation schedule. The app includes access to over 5,000 videos covering a wide range of topics you need to know. There are also about 1,300 textbook articles to read through.

The video lessons are surprisingly concise. Most of them are led by expert lecturers who cover concepts taught at some of the best medical schools in the country. They’re not the flashiest videos out there, but they are comprehensive enough to help you truly understand the content.

Lumos Maxima even has a handy scanner feature. Scan textbook pages and the app will try to connect you to a relevant video for further explanation.

On top of the articles and video lessons, this MCAT app provides access to roughly 17,000 questions and another 3,000 board-style questions. These aren’t official MCAT-style problems, but they certainly test your knowledge on the subject matter.

7. Varsity Tutors MCAT Prep App

The MCAT Prep app from Varsity Tutors is just one out of many on-the-go study solutions offered by this developer. While the provider caters to a broad audience, the MCAT content is pretty comprehensive. The app prioritizes critical thinking and problem-solving, which is a must to succeed at the MCAT.

The mobile app is straightforward and cleanly designed. An intuitive interface lets you navigate through the subject areas and find content that caters to your needs.

There are a few different features to take advantage of, but most will turn to the practice exams most. MCAT-style questions test your knowledge, while explanations help fill knowledge gaps and provide some clarity on topics you might struggle to understand.

The app also has a handy digital flashcard feature that’s customizable enough to create a personal study routine. The MCAT prep app from Varsity is free to use, but some features might be reserved for paying customers only.

8. Ready4 MCAT

The Ready4 MCAT app is a third-party tool that partners with a big-name prep course provider. It features questions and practice tests hosted by Princeton Review, one of the most trusted names in the game.

The app lets you go through 1,600 different practice questions to test your knowledge. The built-in tracking features help you gauge your progress every day. There’s even a simulated score, which can give you a better idea of where you’re at in your studies.

Ready4 MCAT also comes with about a thousand digital flashcards and a small collection of roughly 70 video lessons. While this is one of the best MCAT apps, it isn’t meant to replace full-blown courses and one-on-one tutoring. But, the Princeton Review content will supplement your studies and put you one step closer to MCAT success.

With a price of $149.99, you get unlimited access to all of the content. There’s also a free trial if you want to get a taste of the app’s materials before committing.

9. MCAT Study App by MedSchoolCoach

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the MCAT Prep app by MedSchoolCoach is a must-download. Not only does it have tons of content to dive into, but it’s free! The app is beautifully designed and features study material for all MCAT sections and topics.

Don’t let the free nature of this app fool you! It’s anything but lacking. You get access to more than 30 hours of high-yield video content, 70 hours of podcast audio, and countless written passages.

The MCAT app also includes a sizable question bank, digital flashcards, and more! The questions are designed to mimic the official AAMC style, but you may find that the overall quality isn’t as robust as paid options.

That said, it’s still a worthy download. The sheer volume of course materials you’re getting for free is impressive! There’s also a progress tracker and scheduler, making it an invaluable tool to supplement your studies.

10. Next Step MCAT Flashcards by Brainscape

Here’s an app that can help bring out your competitive side! It’s a flashcard app that includes over 3,000 questions, most of which are made by test-takers who scored in the 99th percentile.

As you can imagine, the app covers all the core topics you need to know. The developers categorize each card by topic so that you can customize the study experience to your heart’s content. Trackers let you stay up to date on your progress for each subject.

Everything is color-coded, too. It’s well-organized and also utilizes graphics throughout to help visualize concepts a bit easier. Ultimately, the app is an excellent tool for content review and memorization. 

The best part is the social aspect of it all. You can create a profile and connect with friends. Depending on your settings, friends can view your progress, see how many cards you’ve gone through, and how much you study.

The Next Step MCAT Flashcards app is free to use, but it’s only available for iOS devices.